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Microbes Ratio 10 to 1 2013-01-02

From page 144/145 National Geographic Jan 13 ( explorer) issue:

Graphically illustrated these facts:

OUR MICROBIOME : In our bodies human cells are outnumbered ten to one by bacteria.  Some eight million genes function in this invisible universe- more than 300 times the number in our own cells.  Though some of our microbial tenants pose threats, we literally can’t live without most of them.  They help digest our food, guide our immune system, and ward off deadly germs.

The Body’s Neighborhoods:  Different regions of our body have unique populations of bacteria: some more diverse than others.

Hello from cyber hibernation 2008-12-04

My seasonal disorder is under controlled so far. Better than it's been for the last few years. My running and my energy level is good. It's my intention to update this site more often and share more of my fitness/life inspiration with alumni and friends.

Smart Car 2008-10-28

I hate to show off my consumerism when the economy is going so bad( and getting much worse yet); but, I love my car. It's really too bad that our culture is too much of a safety and legal issue nut. I would have loved to get a micro car from Japan which gets 60+ miles. I considered electric but battery and lead disposal is and can be a bigger problem than carbon if our hybrid industry increases by even 30%. I am just glad I don't have to drive the Jetta anymore.

Smart Car Smart Car